Post Lockdown – Car Maintenance Guide

This week in the UK, non-essential businesses have been allowed to re-open, meaning you might be heading out and onto the roads for the first time in a while.

Most of us have had minimal time in the car during lockdown, so we have put together a BMS Top Tip Guide to ensure your car is in tiptop condition for those heading back to work or hitting your favourite shops!

  • Tyre Tread – It is a legal requirement for cars to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, you can check this at home with a 20p coin. If the outer band of the coin is covered by the tread then your tyres are above the legal limit!  If your tyres are old, worn or damaged, get a quote from us today. 
  • Tyre Pressure – Naturally our tyres lose a little bit of air every month, this is why it’s important to check your tyre pressure regularly. The correct pressure for your tyres will depend on the vehicle you have, it’s best to refer to your handbook for the correct pressure. If you’re not sure if your vehicle’s tyres are safe or not, it’s worth checking with an expert here at BMS!
  • Brakes – If your car has been sat unused for most of the lockdown, your brakes may have seized a little. Wherever your vehicle is parked, gently test the brakes by moving your car forwards and back slowly, gently applying pressure. Be sure to check your surroundings when doing this. This will loosen them up and you are ready to go!
  • Battery – If your vehicle won’t start, there’s a good chance your battery has gone flat. Next, you’ll need to get your hands on some jump leads or a battery pack to charge your vehicle – the charging time will vary depending on your vehicle.  If you cannot get access to any, contact us today and we can help you get back on the road again.
  • Steering – If your vehicle has power steering, check that the steering feels right for your vehicle and doesn’t feel too heavy or too slack. Ensure your power steering fluid is topped up.
  • Dashboard lights – Check your dashboard for any lit warning lights indicating a new issue. If you’re seeing any new warning lights, we can check these for you in a ECU health check.
  • Oil & fluid levels – Check all fluids including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and screen wash. Your vehicle handbook will tell you more and explain how often to do this for your car, or we can do this for you – book here.
  • Mirrors – If your vehicle has not been parked on a driveway, it’s a good idea to check your wing mirrors are clean and in the right position. Also look for any knocks and cracks.
  • Headlights & indicators – It’s fairly common for lights to stop working from time to time, before you travel, check all lights are working including indicators. 

Back on the roads

If you have any concerns about getting your car going again or once it is back on the road, then call our team today on 01243 201011 or email us at [email protected].