Car Air-Con Service For All Makes and Models:

Even though English summers last all but a few weeks each year, there are plenty of occasions outside of this where you still need air-con, so it’s important to ensure that your air-conditioning is well-maintained.

Here at BMS Cars we offer a complete air-conditioning service for any vehicle, whether it’s a small SMART car or a large Land Rover. Our highly trained technicians use the very latest equipment to keep your air-conditioning in the best of shape regardless of whether it requires a re-gassing service or repairing.

How To Know When Your Vehicle Needs Regassing

Your air-conditioning unit will need some attention when the air stops blowing as cool which, depending on how often it’s used, will usually be between 12-18 months. However, there may be instances where your air-conditioning suddenly stops working rather than gradually changing from ‘freezing’ to ‘cool’, and in this instance you’ll need somebody to check that your system doesn’t have a leak.

Air-Conditioner Regassing

We can recharge your vehicle’s air-conditioning system to it’s original manufacturer guidelines. This typically takes 45 minutes but if you have things to do we offer a courtesy car service, or if you prefer to wait then you can use our amenities free of charge.

Detecting a Leak In Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have a leak in your vehicle’s air-conditioning system you will notice that your vehicle requires frequent regassing services. These leaks can happen at any time and we use the latest nitrogen test equipment and ultra-violet dye to ensure that the leak is repaired before adding in the refrigerant gas. This helps to reduce the time taken in locating the fault during the diagnostic phase and with the substances we use, is environmentally friendly.

It’s worth noting that occasionally there will be a natural loss of gas which is nothing to worry about and usually occurs during the winter months.

Electrical Fault Finding

Even if the air pressure is correct there are various fuses, control panels or pressure switches which can cause your air-conditioning not to work. But don’t worry, because our technicians are trained to work logically through your vehicle’s air-conditioning system to identify and locate the fault which is present.

Odour and Antibacterial Treatment

Whilst most modern cars are fitted with air-conditioning to prevent drawing harmful external gases in, internal and road pollution can still sneak their way into your vehicle and cause unpleasant odours to form, and if left unserviced it can cause bacteria to grow within the air-conditioning system. This build up can cause occupants to suffer from various negative symptoms. This is why it’s important to regularly change your vehicle’s pollen filter and to use a garage, such as ourselves, which use antiviral and fungicide sprays which resolve this and not only leave your car clean, but smelling fresh too. So if you’ve noticed that your air-conditioning isn’t working in your vehicle, just call now on 01243 201011 to book an appointment!