Scrap Car Collection

If you have an old car you can sell it for scrap and receive payment on collection. Modern technology has enabled companies to recycle and reuse ever increasing amounts of old vehicle parts. Although there are several vehicle scrapping companies in the area, you may discover that there is a shortage of reputable ones. From companies that fail to pay, to ones that give non-guaranteed quotes, it is always important to choose a name that you can trust.

By selecting BMS Cars for your car scrapping, customers can enjoy the following:

  • Price Guarantee with a promise to pay the entire amount quoted on scrap vehicles.
  • Payment in full upon collection of the car
  • Collection of your vehicle is absolutely free
  • No hidden fees or surprise re-negotiations

Environmentally-Friendly Car Scrapping

As much as 85% of a scrap car’s weight can be recycled. We ensure that we maximise the potential for recycling and reuse. This helps the environment and ensures that you get the best possible price on your vehicle. In addition, we exclusively use only government-approved, environmentally friendly recycling facilities.

The Leading Buyer of Scrap Cars in the Region

We will buy any vehicle regardless of its condition. If you have a car for scrap, simply provide us with a few details including the registration and your postcode to enable us to get to work exploring its scrap value so that you get the best possible price.

We will provide you with cash for your old cars and buy any of your scrap and salvage vehicles including:

  • MOT failures
  • Scrap cars, vans, and bikes
  • Crashed or incomplete vehicles
  • Salvage and repairable vehicles

Make the Right Choice

Our drivers are available around the clock to ensure your car is picked up at the earliest convenience. Our service operates 6 days per week to minimise disruption to your busy schedules. BMS Cars is a professional disposal company that will ensure your vehicle is disposed of in a responsible way. By choosing us, customers will also enjoy:

  • Free Collection: In addition to offering the best price for your vehicle, we will collect your vehicle free of charge
  • Efficient Service: Our fleet of recovery vehicles are always on the road to ensure that your vehicle is collected at a time convenient for you, whether it is a weekend or weekday.
  • Sustainable Facilities: As part of our commitment to the environment, we use environmentally friendly recycling facilities that are licensed by the government.
  • Reliability: The BMS name is a company you can trust. We are fully insured and equipped with the necessary licenses to handle all of the paperwork for you.

Our drivers will take the hassle out of scrapping your car by notifying the DVLA on your behalf. If you have unused road tax, you can reclaim this by filling out a V14 form – available online. If you are selling your car for salvage the price given may include the road tax.

Several Locations to Serve You

Although we primarily operate in Southern England, we are able to collect scrap cars from almost all corners of the United Kingdom. Review our list of locations below to find out how we can be of service to you and help you earn some extra cash for your scrap cars.