Scrap Car Collection Winchester

Perhaps we should begin by answering this question by suggesting what you absolutely don’t want from a vehicle scrappage company in the Winchester area?

After all, the industry in which we operate has certainly gained a less than positive reputation in some quarters, although we take pride in having negated this image for our long list of satisfied clients who may have otherwise lost faith in companies of our type.

We are, of course, largely referring to certain firms that have taken advantage of many people’s wish to sell their repairable vehicle by quoting them an amazingly attractive price on first contact, before then bartering on the price when a driver is sent to collect it.

Do Winchester vehicle scrappage firms really overcharge in this way?

Well, it has certainly become a frightfully common problem for those with an interest in selling damaged vehicles to companies like ours… not just in this particular region, but across the country. There are so many stories out there of disreputable and inexperienced ‘one man bands’ maximising their profits by only mentioning certain prohibitive fees at the collection stage, for instance.

What this all means is that when you come to select a company that can scrap car Winchester for you, you’ll need to be sure that it will pay every penny of the price that it quotes to you, either via email or over the phone. And guess what? That’s precisely what we do here at Scrap Car Winchester, courtesy of our price guarantee promise.

When our driver turns up to collect your vehicle, you can expect to be paid in full and in cash, right there and then. We never take your vehicle without paying you, and you’ll probably be especially reassured to know that our collection fees are included in our prices.

Oh, and our extensive regional network of collectors means that we can give you the most genuinely competitive prices when you opt to scrap car Winchester with us.

We aren’t just about great prices for vehicle scrappage Winchester!

Here at Scrap Car Winchester, we know that you don’t just want good prices for your chosen Winchester automobile scrappage company. That’s because you’ll also want us to have a certain level of social responsibility, in common with firms in so many other sectors.

After all, the world of vehicle scrappage has transformed itself in recent years. Whereas you might have once had to pay a company like ours to take your car away, these days, you are the one receiving money… which is possible precisely because your car is actually worth something these days as scrap. It makes sense, then, to opt for a company that makes use of the full range of recycling opportunities.

Such a company will not only be able to recycle everything from your vehicle’s wheels, engine and gearbox to the actual metal bodywork, but will also hold all of the necessary licences for waste management and waste carriers. We also use only environmentally approved recycling facilities as part of our genuinely ‘eco-friendly’ process.