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Here at BMS Scrap Car Sussex, we take pride in a high quality of service that ends in you pocketing some cash for your unwanted vehicle.

That’s right: when you use our simple online form to provide some key details about your vehicle, such as its manufacturer, model and age, we’ll be able to respond by giving you a great price for it.

Unlike many firms that give you the chance to scrap car Sussex, we actually live up to our promises – and one of the first of those promises that we should mention is our price guarantee.

Why is a price guarantee promise so important if you would like to scrap car Sussex?

There are certainly plenty of companies of our type throughout the Sussex area, but you may have a harder time finding a company that will actually pay what it promises to pay you. That’s because, in recent years, there has been a great increase in the number of new firms that have been eager to take advantage of those that are desperate to scrap their vehicle.

It is only in recent years, after all, that it has even really been possible for you to get money from a scrap vehicle. In the past, you were basically reduced to paying a company a certain amount of money just so that they would take your car off your hands. Nowadays, vehicle parts are actually worth something as scrap, which has led to so many more companies of our type springing up across the Sussex area.

Some of these companies, however, have a tendency to present their prospective sellers with a ludicrously attractive price, which is then bartered on by the driver that is sent out to collect the vehicle. Or maybe you have encountered such a company presenting you with previously unmentioned collection fees, which can also greatly encroach on your profit?

BMS Cars, then, set out to do things differently by introducing its renowned price guarantee promise. Whatever we quote you via phone or email is what you will be paid, on the day of collection, in cash and in full. Oh, and our collection fees are also included in our quotes. It really is that simple.

Why else should you scrap car Sussex with us?

Our genuinely friendly office and driving staff can assist you with each stage of the Sussex car scrappage process. If, for example, you need help with completing the necessary DVLA forms, our driver will be happy to oblige.

We also take pride in our genuine environmental friendliness. We make use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities – namely, government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) – and also hold all of the necessary licences for waste carriers and waste management. And of course, our ability to recycle as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight is very much to your benefit, translating into a higher price.

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