Scrap Car Collection Shoreham

In common with people elsewhere in the UK, Shoreham residents haven’t always had the option to get cold, hard cash in exchange for their scrap vehicle. As a matter of fact, you used to have to shell out money just so that you could have your unwanted vehicle taken away… and even then, the tyres would often be left behind.

However, it’s fair to say that the technological advances in the industry of the last few years have changed this situation somewhat. With so many new ways being found to reuse and recycle vehicle parts such as tyres, exhausts and metal bodywork, it’s now possible to get a very decent amount of money for your MOT failure.

That is not to suggest, however, that all Shoreham vehicle scrappage companies will necessarily give you the best quality of service… or even the amount of money that you were initially quoted. That’s why vehicle scrappage services from us are such a good idea.

Our price guarantee promise separates us from our rivals

You may have found a company that allows you to scrap car Shoreham, but is the price that you have been quoted suspiciously high? If so, then you may be about to become the latest victim of one of the many less-than-reputable firms out there that have harmed the reputation of our industry so much over the last few years.

Such firms are not above presenting you with such a high quote in order to win your business, only to then barter on a supposedly already agreed price when their driver comes to collect your vehicle. Even if that doesn’t happen, it’s still possible that you will be presented with nasty, previously unmentioned collection fees that similarly eat into your profit from any sale.

We, though, are proud of our price guarantee promise. Put simply, whatever we quote you via phone or email is what we will pay you, in cash and in full, when our driver arrives. We won’t leave without paying you, and are even willing to watch any genuine quote from a recognised competitor. Our regional and national network of collectors helps to keep our quotes competitive.

Scrap your vehicle with a company that cares about a high quality of service

We employ friendly and helpful office and driving staff to ensure that our quality of service is as impeccable as can be. We can agree collection times that are actually convenient for you, fitting in around your other commitments, while our drivers will turn up on time for collection, unlike those of some firms. You can also receive help from us in the completion of the relevant DVLA forms, which some other companies simply ignore.

Our large number of recovery trucks allows us to collect vehicles quickly, while our use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities backs up our ethical reputation. It all means that when you are looking for a firm with which to scrap car Shoreham, you really couldn’t hope for a better one than ours.