Scrap Car Collection Hove

Have you considered selling your unwanted vehicle or MOT failure to a Hove scrappage company like us?

It didn’t used to be very possible to get much financial reward from selling your vehicle for scrap. As a matter of fact, you’d usually have to pay a firm like ours simply so that your automobile could be taken away, and even in that situation, you’d often be left with the tyres.

These days, there are so many more possibilities for the recycling and reuse of unwanted vehicles, which is why a company like ours is in a position to give you a very attractive price.

How exactly can I scrap a car in Hove?

It isn’t too difficult a process to scrap your vehicle with us. All that you have to do at first is complete and submit our simple online form, providing us with such key details as your vehicle’s manufacturer and model. Before too long, we will be in touch with you to present you with a great quote.

Indeed, it is at the quoting stage that things can go wrong with other companies. That’s because our industry has sadly become blighted in recent years by the emergence of certain disreputable firms that are notorious for presenting their prospective customers with amazingly attractive – but unrealistic – quotes, before bartering on the supposedly agreed price when the time comes for collection.

You may have encountered such a Hove company yourself, having found yourself unexpectedly renegotiating the price at a late stage or even presented with collection fees that you were never told about before. Thankfully we not only include our collection fees as part of every quote, but also have a price guarantee promise that ensures that you are paid not a penny less than whatever we quote you via phone or email.

Scrap car Hove with a firm that prioritises customer service

There are so many ways in which the various parts of your vehicle can be recycled when you opt to scrap car Hove with us. We can find new uses for engines, gearboxes, tyres and exhaust parts, not to mention the actual metal bodywork of the vehicle. The result is a great price for you, although the exact quote that we present to you can naturally differ depending on such factors as the exact materials that your vehicle consists of.

We use only environmentally approved recycling facilities – namely, government Authorised Treatment Facilities – while also holding all of the necessary waste management and waste carriers licences. However, you’ll also be pleased to know that our customer service emphasis is strong, and we indeed employ only the most friendly and helpful office and driving staff.

Our drivers, in fact, will be more than happy to assist you with the completion of the vital DVLA paperwork, and can even issue a certificate of destruction (COD) on request. So, why wait a minute longer to contact us?