Scrap Car Collection Hampshire

Once upon a time, if you had a vehicle that had effectively become scrap, there was very little prospect of you making any money from it. As a matter of fact, you would customarily have to pay a company just to have it taken away, and even then, the tyres would often be left behind, so difficult was it to really dispose of them.

Today, the situation is very different, with huge numbers of companies, both online and offline, giving you the chance to actually sell your unwanted vehicle as scrap for cold, hard cash. The technological advances that have been seen in the industry over the last few years have allowed for the recycling and reuse of vehicle parts ranging from the tyres and metal bodywork to the engine, gearbox and exhaust.

However, all of this technological sophistication and environmental friendliness is of little consequence if your chosen company is not reputable, and here at Scrap Car Hampshire, we have a long list of satisfied past clients to demonstrate that we certainly are reputable!

Scrap car Hampshire with a genuinely dependable company

Although there is hardly a shortage of vehicle scrappage companies in Hampshire, you might find it much more difficult to find a company that actually pays you, in full and on time.

The reason we make this point is that, unfortunately, there are certain dubious and inexperienced ‘one man bands’ out there that have been known to present their prospective customers with amazingly attractive quotes, only to fail to pay every penny of that money at the collection stage.

There have been so many reports of those with an interest in Hampshire vehicle scrappage being greeted by a rude driver who promptly tries to drive down the previously agreed price. Elsewhere, we have heard of people being forced to pay nasty hidden collection fees.

We do things differently on several counts. Firstly, we have a price guarantee promise to pay you the entire amount that we quote to you, whether by email or phone. We pay you in full when we come to collect your car, never taking your vehicle away without paying. You should also be reassured to know that when you scrap car Hampshire with us, our collection fees are included in the initially quoted price.

Highly environmentally friendly car scrappage Hampshire

How many companies do you know that allow you to scrap car Hampshire for cash, that also use only environmentally approved recycling facilities? Well, that is certainly the case at our company, as we only work with government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs).

These days, as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight can be recycled, and we make the most of every possibility for recycling and reuse so that you receive the best possible price for your vehicle. By providing details such as your vehicle’s manufacturer, model and age, you can allow us to do the hard work in determining its scrap value so that the price that you receive is one that is genuinely fair.