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If you would like to scrap car Guildford, then there’s no question that you have plenty of choice. With so many companies out there that promise to give you a serious amount of money for your unwanted vehicle, it can be hard to choose between them… until you realise the importance of a price guarantee promise.

That’s because there are sadly many companies out there that specialise in vehicle scrappage Guildford that are also known to barter on a price that was supposedly already agreed, when the time comes for them to collect the given vehicle. Such firms often hook in their customers in the first place by presenting ridiculously attractive, but unrealistic quotes that they have no intention of honouring.

With such disreputable firms around to worry about, then, it makes sense to scrap car Guildford with a company that actually promises to pay every penny of any quote that it gives you, whether by phone or email. That is certainly true of Scrap Car Guildford, which also includes its collection fees in every quote in order to ward off any nasty surprises.

Guildford vehicle scrappage services of the highest order

You may have decided to scrap your car after it failed its MOT or sustained damage in an accident… or you may simply no longer want the vehicle in question, with scrappage being the option that seems to make the most sense.

The industry has changed significantly in the past few years, to such a point that as much as 85% of a given vehicle’s weight can now be recycled or reused. Engines and gearboxes, for example, can often be removed and reused in their current state, as long as they still function. Tyres, meanwhile, having once merely been dumped and therefore formed the ‘tyre mountains’ that you might still remember from your youth, can find new applications as music studio sound insulation or even children’s play park flooring. Exhaust parts can be given a new lease of life as jewellery… the list goes on.

However, when you choose a firm with which to scrap car Guildford, you will still need to have confidence that the company in question can bring you the most genuinely competitive price. We achieve that for our customers by making use of our extensive network of regional and national collectors, while we can also match the genuine quote of any recognised competitor.

A great quality of service when you choose us

Right from the first moment you get in touch with us, you should get a definite sense of the quality of our service. We employ only truly friendly and helpful office and driving staff, with our drivers being more than happy to help you to complete that important DVLA paperwork that goes ignored by other companies. A certificate of destruction (COD) can also be issued on request.

Trust us to combine the best prices with the best service when you sell your unwanted vehicle to us.