Scrap Car Collection Fareham

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Fareham residents, in common with those in other areas of the UK, have plenty of choice of companies that can buy their scrap vehicle for them. So, if you are such a resident yourself, you may have imagined that finding a good such firm would be a simple process…

In truth, though, the situation is slightly more complicated than this. It is only in recent years, after all, that it has even become very possible to receive money for your vehicle when you are getting rid of it for scrap. Although this might seem to be a very positive development for someone in your position, what it does mean is that there are also more opportunists around in this industry than used to be the case.

When you are looking for a company with which to scrap your vehicle, you should therefore have certain priorities in mind – and we have long catered for these vital priorities.

We actually pay you… in cash and in full!

Believe it or not, there are a frighteningly great number of companies out there that are known to give their prospective customers ludicrously attractive quotes, before bartering on that price when the driver arrives to collect the vehicle. Many of these firms have even been known to surprise their customers with previously unmentioned collection fees. It’s all done in the name of profit, at the expense of people like you and the industry’s reputation as a whole.

That’s why it is so important to choose a Fareham car scrappage company that offers a price guarantee promise, which means that you can be paid every penny of what you are quoted via email or phone. That is certainly true of us, with another piece of good news being that our collection fees are included in our quotes… so you have no reason to fear any nasty ‘extras’.

Unlike those of some firms, our drivers actually turn up on time, at a time that is convenient to you… and can even help you with the vital DVLA paperwork that some companies don’t even seem to realise exists. Furthermore, our drivers never leave without paying, always ensuring that you immediately get all of the money that you are due, in full.

Scrap car Fareham with an environmentally friendly company

We can achieve such competitive prices for those that opt to sell their vehicle to us, in part due to our ability to recycle as much as 85% of your vehicle’s weight. From engines and gearboxes to exhausts and tyres, as well as the metal bodywork itself, there are so many vehicle parts that can find new uses of one kind or another. The end result is an improved price for you.

Our reputation for eco-friendliness is backed up by our use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities – or to be more specific, government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). So, when you contact us about car scrappage in Fareham, you can be sure that we really do know our industry!