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There are many reasons why you may have an interest in scrapping your vehicle in the Eastbourne area. It may be an MOT failure, it may be incomplete or it may have sustained damage in an accident. Alternatively, it may simply be unwanted, with scrappage being the option that makes the most sense.

Certainly, it makes an especially great amount of sense to scrap your vehicle when you consider the amount of money that you could make as a result. This is actually a fairly recent benefit of getting rid of vehicles for scrap, as until a few years ago, you were the one who would be expected to pay money simply so that your vehicle could be taken away.

These days, it’s possible to contact a company such as ours to receive money for your unwanted vehicle… but that is not to suggest that finding the right such firm is necessarily an easy task.

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Not all firms in our industry are hugely reputable. It’s sadly far from unheard of for such companies to take advantage of your desperation to scrap car Eastbourne by presenting you with an amazingly attractive quote initially, only to proceed to barter on the apparently already agreed price when the time comes to collect the vehicle.

There are also some firms that, disgracefully, are guilty of accompanying their services with hidden collection fees which you are only informed about at too late a stage. It all means that a company that not only offers a price guarantee promise, but also includes its collection fees in every quote is one that you should especially value.

And guess what… we are such a company! We provide services to those living throughout Eastbourne, and keep our prices competitive with the help of our extensive regional and national network of collectors. We can even match the genuine quote of any recognised competitor.

What truly makes such prices possible, however, is the amazing range of recycling and reuse possibilities for vehicle parts. We are capable of recycling as much as 85% of your vehicle’s weight when you approach our Eastbourne scrappage professionals, with engines, gearboxes, tyres and exhausts – not to mention the metal bodywork itself – all having potential new uses elsewhere.

Scrap car Eastbourne with a company that offers the best customer service

We take pride in not only our prices, but also our great quality of service. We ensure this by employing only friendly, helpful and well-trained individuals, both in the office and behind the wheel of our many recovery trucks that collect hundreds of vehicles each day, nationwide.

Our drivers actually turn up on time at your property to collect your vehicle, having agreed a time and date in advance that is convenient for you. They will also be happy to assist you with the completion of the necessary DVLA paperwork. It all comes as standard as part of our highly rated service.