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Scrapping a vehicle for cash can be a process fraught with anxiety. It didn’t even used to be very possible to sell a vehicle for scrap, in Crawley nor elsewhere, as only in recent years has the industry advanced to such a point that the reuse or recycling of a genuinely wide range of car parts is possible.

Such parts that can now often find new uses include exhausts, engines, gearboxes and tyres, in addition to the actual metal bodywork of a car. The rubber from tyres, for example, has been known to find a new lease of life as music studio sound insulation or even children’s play park flooring, while engines and gearboxes may still run, and may therefore be reused in their present form.

As a matter of fact, it is now possible to recycle or reuse as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight, which means that you could make more money than ever before if you decide to scrap a car in Crawley with a reputable company such as us.

What makes us the best choice of firm?

The advantages of choosing to scrap car Crawley with us become apparent as soon as you get in touch with us, as we employ only the most friendly, helpful and professional staff – both in the office and behind the wheel of our recovery trucks. Speaking of recovery trucks, our extensive national network of them allows us to collect vehicles quickly and at times that are genuinely convenient for you, fitting in around your other commitments.

The drivers behind the wheel of our trucks are only too happy to help you with the process of filling in the required DVLA forms, while a certificate of destruction (COD) can also be issued on request. We are also genuinely environmentally friendly, not only using only environmentally approved recycling facilities in the form of government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), but also holding all of the required waste carriers and waste management licences.

We really do make the most of all of the recycling possibilities for your vehicle, which naturally greatly increases the amount of money that you can expect us to pay you for it.

We actually pay up, in full and on time!

Not all Crawley vehicle scrappage companies actually have a great reputation when it comes to paying their customers the right amount of money, in full. Some such firms, in fact, are only too willing to insert hidden collection fees or even barter on a supposedly already agreed price when they send out their drivers to collect a vehicle, as part of efforts to maximise their profits.

Such practices have caused a great deal of harm to the industry, not only in Crawley but across the country… although, thankfully, we do things differently.

When you choose to scrap your Crawley vehicle with us, you can expect us to give you a reasonable quote that we will actually stick to, as per our price guarantee promise. What’s more, all collection fees are included in our quotes… so you won’t be greeted with any nasty surprises!