Scrap Car Collection Kent

At last a reputable scrap car collection service for the county of Kent. Renowned as a hot bed for rogue traders residents are all too familiar with the stereotype scrap car collector, we’ve all experienced them – inflated prices to get a foot in the door, failure to show up on time and all the other promises they can’t deliver on. Well the good news is you don’t need to suffer them anymore! Our experienced team provide a fast and friendly car scrapping service and guarantee first rate customer experience and excellent scrap car prices.
Renowned throughout the world as the Garden of England, Kent is steeped in history and heritage. Bordering south-eastern England, it has an extensive coastline that features the world-famous White Cliffs of Dover. Its cities include Canterbury, made famous by Chaucer; Rochester, made famous by Dickens, and Dover; the main port for ferrying crossing the Channel to France. Just 21 miles of English Channel separate Dover from France; you can look across the Dover strait and see Calais on a clear day. Dover castle is also a famous landmark, and the Dover museum is home to a bronze age boat discovered in the town which is believed to be the oldest known sea going vessel in the world. With all these attractions it’s no wonder so many people visit each year. So whether you live in the region or are simply passing through call us for a quote for your car scrap.