Scrap Car Collection Chichester

As a Chichester resident, have you long thought of selling your car, van or other vehicle for scrap… but felt more than a little trepidation about the whole process?

Indeed, the vehicle scrappage industry has certainly changed substantially in recent years. Whereas you might have once expected to have to pay to have your vehicle taken away by a company like ours, these days, you can expect to be the one receiving the cash… or at least, you can if you choose the right firm.

That’s because, sadly, our industry’s reputation has become tarnished in some quarters by certain disreputable figures. We take pride in our impeccable industry reputation, as backed up by our many satisfied past clients.

Scrap your vehicle with a company that pays you in full

That’s right: some companies out there have been known to fail on even this, pretty basic point. We’ve heard all manner of stories about people who are desperate to scrap car Chichester being quoted a hugely attractive price via phone or email, only to be given a raw deal when their chosen company’s driver comes to collect their vehicle.

By ‘raw deal’, we’re referring to such practices as drivers bartering on the previously agreed price, or even inserting previously unmentioned collection fees at a late stage, all so that their profit can be maximised at the expense of their supposedly valued customers.

That is why we make our own price guarantee perfectly clear, right from the start. It means that you can expect to be paid every penny of whatever quote we give you via email or phone. We will pay you promptly, too, on the day and in cash. Unlike many companies, we never take away your vehicle without paying.

Other reasons to make us your choice of Chichester vehicle scrappage company

Not only do we pay your due cash in full, but we are also organised and courteous. We specialise in convenient collection times, working hard to agree a time that fits around your other commitments. Nor do our drivers turn up late, as is the case with so many other firms.

And of course, then there’s the prices themselves to consider. When you choose to scrap car Chichester with us, you can rest assured that we have made the most of our extensive regional and national networks of collectors to bring you the most genuinely competitive price. We are also happy to match the genuine quote of a recognised competitor.

There are various factors that affect the price that you can expect to fetch for your scrap automobile, with the precise materials that are used in your vehicle being just one of them. The industry has become so much more environmentally friendly in recent years, to such a point that, today, as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight can be recycled.

We are a Chichester car scrappage specialist that has truly kept up with these developments. We take pride in our use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities, which is just one more reason to scrap your vehicle with us.