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For one thing, it was out of the question that you’d get money for your unwanted vehicle, as you’d customarily have to pay a specialist firm to take it away for you… and even then, you would often be left with the tyres. That’s how awkward a process it was to dispose of them.

These days, the situation couldn’t be more different. Today, you are the one who can expect to be paid as a result of the vehicle scrappage process, with vehicle parts such as exhausts, engines, gearboxes and tyres – not to mention the actual metal bodywork – often commanding decent amounts of money, depending on market conditions and the company that you choose.

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If you are looking to scrap your vehicle and receive a decent amount of cash for doing so, then you really can’t expect to find a better company than ours. We have a considerable regional and national network of collectors, which allows us to bring you the most competitive quote… and we are also happy to match a genuine quote from a recognised competitor.

The possibility to attract such a high price for your Bournemouth scrap vehicle has largely arisen from the various technological advances that have been seen in our industry over the last few years. Now, as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight can be recycled… but at this point, we do feel need to give you a warning or two.

There are, after all, plenty of less reputable firms out there that have been known to quote their prospective customers amazingly high prices, only to then barter on the supposedly already agreed quote at a later date – typically, the day of collection. With hidden collection fees also often stinging those that are looking to scrap car Bournemouth, you could find yourself parting with your vehicle for rather less money than you initially expected.

It is for these reasons that here at Scrap Car Bournemouth, we take considerable pride in our price guarantee promise. That means that we will pay every penny of whatever price we quote you, whether by phone or email. You’ll also be relieved to hear that our collection fees are included in every one of our quotes!

Truly environmentally friendly car scrappage services in Bournemouth

It goes without saying that the greater proportion of your vehicle’s weight that we can recycle or reuse, the higher the price you can expect to be paid by us. Choosing to scrap car Bournemouth with a genuinely environmentally friendly company like ours therefore has several benefits.

Our own environmental friendliness is confirmed in part by our use of government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). Get in touch with our helpful team now for more information on how you can scrap your vehicle in Bournemouth for the maximum return.