Scrap Car Collection Bognor

Once upon a time, you would have actually had to pay a company like ours just so that we could take your vehicle away… but not for any longer.

These days, there’s a definite market for automobile scrappage in Bognor, with companies like ours fiercely competing for your custom. With recent technological advances in the industry meaning that vehicles can now be much more easily recycled, it’s very much up to you these days to find a company that will give you the best price and fulfil the rest of your requirements.

Here at Scrap Car Bognor, we are convinced of being that company… and here’s why.

With us, you can scrap car Bognor for so much more!

All manner of firms like ours promise the best prices for unwanted vehicles, but unlike many of those companies, we really can offer you the most competitive prices, thanks in large part to our extensive regional and national networks of collectors.

We are at the forefront of the Bognor vehicle scrappage market, with the ability to recycle as much as 85% of your vehicle’s weight and in the process, put so much more real cash into your hand. We can recycle parts of your vehicle ranging from the metal bodywork and engine to the gearbox, tyres and so much more.

As attractive as our quoted prices are, though, they wouldn’t mean much if you were not paid in full. Alas, many companies out there fail on even this basic point, with many of them having harmed the reputation of the entire industry by overcharging, perhaps by including nasty hidden collection fees or even bartering on the previously agreed price at the collection stage.

We know that for anyone who would like to scrap car Bognor, this is an unacceptable state of affairs. That is why we have a price guarantee promise, which means that you can expect to be paid every penny that you were originally quoted – whether by email or phone – when our driver arrives to collect your vehicle.

For what other reasons should you scrap car Bognor with us?

Well, first of all, there is our genuinely high standard of service to consider. We employ only the most helpful and friendly office and driver staff, which means that you can expect professional answers to any of your queries about our Bognor vehicle scrappage services.

Did you know, for example, that many firms don’t even bother with the vital DVLA paperwork or issue a certificate of destruction (COD) on request, as we do?

We also take pride in our genuine environmental friendliness, making use of only recycling facilities that have been environmentally approved. In short, if you want the complete Bognor vehicle scrappage service, you really can’t beat our company.