Scrap Car Collection Basingstoke

If you live in Basingstoke and are considering selling your vehicle for scrap to a company like ours, then you might not have realised just how much our industry has changed over the last few years. As a matter of fact, even selling your vehicle – as opposed to paying to have it taken away, often minus its tyres – used to be very much out of the question.

The situation is different these days, though. The industry’s recent technological advances towards more environmentally friendly practices has resulted in vehicle parts such as engines, tyres, exhausts and more being recycled or reused in so many different ways.

This means that the amount of money that you can now expect to receive when you opt to scrap car Basingstoke could just be greater than it has ever been. The problem comes when you choose a company that is less than reputable… and such firms are sadly more common than you might expect.

Choose a vehicle scrappage company that actually pays what it quotes you!

The automobile scrappage industry has sadly – both in Basingstoke and across the country – been blighted over the years by the emergence of certain disreputable firms. Such companies have become known for their tendency to quote great prices for vehicles, only to then barter on that price at the collection stage.

Such firms have also been known to insert nasty hidden collection fees into their services, as part of a combined effort to maximise profits at the expense of their customers. It’s not just dodgy quotes and the lack of a price guarantee promise that can mark out a disreputable company, either. That’s because such firms are often disorganised and ill-prepared, turning up late at the collection stage and completely ignoring the DVLA paperwork that needs to be completed.

Of course, we do things differently for the many people that scrap car Basingstoke with us. We actually are reputable and transparent in how we decide on a price for your vehicle, and actually do complete the necessary paperwork… and we ensure that your interests are prioritised above all else.

Scrap car Basingstoke in a genuinely environmentally friendly manner

Given that it is now possible to recycle or reuse as much as 85% of a vehicle’s weight – combined with the fact that the more that can be recycled, the better the price that you can expect – you really shouldn’t choose a Basingstoke automobile scrappage company that isn’t highly environmentally friendly.

Here at Scrap Car Basingstoke, we accomplish that by making the absolute most of the various vehicle recycling possibilities, finding new uses for the various parts of your automobile. We also do that by, for example, only using environmentally approved recycling facilities – namely, government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) – as well as ensuring that we hold all of the required waste carriers and waste management licences.

So, when you require a Basingstoke car scrappage service that brings you the best possible price and combines eco-friendliness with a great quality of service… look no further than right here!