BMS Cars Tender Brief

Solar PV installation

BMS Cars Limited are looking to commission the installation of Solar PV on their roof. The array size will need to match our current annual electric consumption.

The expected timetable is to have the works done by 15th June.


BMS Cars is a Vehicle MOT and repair garage and also a second-hand car dealer. We are based in Sidlesham which is only a short distance outside Chichester. We provide our services to local businesses and also the general public. Our website is

We are looking to install a solar array on our roof to generate 70,000khw per year. We have a slightly sloping roof with windows along one side which can be avoided. We have no overhanging trees to cause any light interruption and are in a favourable location in Sidlesham away from other buildings. Our roof is made up of fibreboard with a corrugated finish.

Location: Purchase Farm, Easton Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7NU

Project Details

We would like to see the following items in your proposal:

  • Cost breakdown of material and labour (ideally individual material costs visible)
  • Make, model and warranties of solar panels, inverters and installation
  • Include cost of scaffolding and structural survey
  • Estimated time scale to carry out the installation
  • It is a plus if the installer holds MCS certification and RECC membership
  • Expected lead time for the installation
  • The proposals can be done as desktop surveys. The successful bidder is expected to carry out a site visit to confirm the costs

Proposal return deadline: 6th February 2023

Award Criteria and Procurement Process

Proposals submitted will be assessed by BMS cars Limited against the following criteria:

  • Are the items listed above included in the quote?
  • Quality of the products- length of warranties on materials and workmanship
  • Installers qualifications, certifications and reputation
  • Value-for-money
  • Installers location
  • Lead times

BMS Cars Limited will notify bidders of our procurement decision in February 2023.

We will let bidders know whether or not they have been successful by email.

Please send your proposal via email to [email protected] by 6th February 2023.