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Great Tyre Prices In Chichester

Affordable Tyres In Chichester

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, tyres are an important part of safely operating your vehicle. The tyres you use will make all the difference in determining whether you have a grip on the road, or slip off of it. So it’s important to ensure that your tyres are always in good condition and have the appropriate tread depth.

Tyre treads are carefully designed to channel water from the road surface in order to create maximum traction with the road, so when the tyre tread becomes worn they are unable to perform their task efficiently or safely. Which is why you’ll need to replace your tyres if they start showing wear and tear.

Damaged Tyres
If you suspect that your tyre has been damaged there will usually be a visual sign such as a blemish or a bulge in the tyre wall. Not all signs of damage will be immediately visible, but if the internal structure of the tyre has failed then there will be a visual indicator such as a prominent lump. If this happens do not drive your vehicle unless you have replaced the impacted wheel with a spare.

The severity of tyre damage will vary upon the impact which caused the damage. For example: The damage caused by a pothole will differ to the damage caused by a nail, but regardless of how the damage is caused it’s worth getting your tyres checked out by a professional because both your, and other people’s, safety could be at risk if you don’t. Repairs will vary based on the extent of the damage caused and could be anything from a simple puncture repair to a complete tyre replacement but when you speak to a professional they’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

Aged Tyres
Regardless of whether tyres are used or not, they age. Which is why it’s important to check regularly for signs of fatigue, aging or rubber deformation to ensure that you are aware of when they need replacing. Factors that influence the lifespan of a tyre include: storage conditions, moisture, use, temperature, speeds, maintenance and driving style. Because there are so many factors which can age tyres it’s always worth checking for cracking or perishing – a term commonly used by the MOT scheme.

If you’re not sure about the age of your tyre you can find out by checking the side for a four-digit number. These four digits represent the week and year the tyre was made. For example; if the four digits were 1318, this would indicate that the tyre was made in week 13 of 2018. It’s worth remembering to check this when buying tyres as an older number, such as 2605, would indicate that the tyre was made on week 26 in 2005 which indicates a very old tyre.

Worn Tyres
The legal limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm and if it were to become any lower than this, it would not only be illegal but exceptionally unsafe. Once the tyres go below this point there is no tread or grip to create traction with the road, so it’s always advised to change your tyres before they reach this point.

Old tyres that are still in circulation is a common issue found when buying part-worn tyres.  This is the primary reason that we do not sell them, coupled with the fact our insurance would go up dramatically due to risk.

Where To Buy New Tyres In Chichester

Our highly experienced staff are incredibly knowledgeable on an array of different tyres and can aid you in selecting the right tyre for your vehicle. Here at BMS Cars we offer a wide array of tyres to suit all budgets and have a popular range of tyre brands such as: Goodyear, Kumho, Pirelli, Dunlop, Toyo, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Yokohama, Rapid and Firestone to name a few.

In addition to selling tyres we also provide an array of services, such as:

  • Tyre fitting
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel balancing
  • 4-Wheel laser alignment

Whilst these services take place customers can wait in our waiting room and make the most of our complimentary amenities such as the free beverages, computer and magazines.

Tips For Caring For Your Tyres

#1: Check Your Tyre Pressure Regularly
Adjusting tyre pressures regularly and ensuring that they’re inflated to the PSI recommended in the vehicle’s handbook will ensure optimum performance lower fuel consumption and will make your vehicle safer. In addition to this if you;re going away on holiday, for example, and are carrying a lot of luggage it’s advisable to inflate your tyres to a higher pressure. This not only keeps the shape of the tyre true, but also reduces the amount of fuel used through drag.

#2: Keep Your Wheels Aligned
Wheel alignments are an inexpensive way to keep your tyres in optimum condition and maintain controlled handling. Failure to keep your wheels aligned can lead to your tyres wearing dangerously on the inside edge.

#3: Long Vs Short Term Value
Repairing a punctured tyre isn’t always the most cost effective option. It’s worth calculating how long your tyres will last with the remaining tread depth as opposed to the repairs. It may be more cost effective to replace the tyres completely – with the mileage you’ll get out of the repaired tyre. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff and we will help calculate it for you.

#4: Check Your Spare
You never know when things could go wrong, so it’s advisable to ensure that your spare tyre is inflated and do routine checks to ensure there’s no damage to it.

#5: Be Ready For Your MOT
Tyre defects can result in an MOT failure and so if you’re unsure if your vehicle is safe to drive – you should always check with a specialist.

If you’re not sure if your vehicle’s tyres are safe or not, it’s worth checking with a specialist as the tyres are the only thing connecting you to the ground whilst driving. To book an appointment call us on 01243 201011 where one of our advisors will be able to help you further.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic car garage! Always get 1st class, honest service. So pleased to see you are now in Selsey! Facebook Review: 5 Stars
    Boo Staples | March 2018 | 2018-03-15
  • Real good bunch of guys , do you a good turn and not just out for your dollars , very pleased . Facebook Review: 5 Stars.
    John Askham | March 2018 | 2018-03-15
  • Great bunch of guys , helpful and friendly and not just out for your dollars . Google Review: 5 Stars.
    John Spencer | March 2018 | 2018-03-15
  • Discovered BMS Cars less than a year ago and have already bought my car here twice; once to sort out my locking mechanism and once for a wheel realignment (the joys of having an old car!). The chaps who work here are great - running an efficient service with knowledgeable and friendly staff who go above and beyond for their customers (seriously - they even polished up my headlights after seeing how murky they were). Location is a little off the beaten track, but it's well worth the drive to go to a garage you can trust. Google Review: 5 Stars.
    Amy Morgan | March 2018 | 2018-03-15
  • Very happy with work completed on my car. Staff are friendly. Would definitely use again. Google Review: 5 Stars.
    Dean Adams | March 2018 | 2018-03-15
  • I'm new to living in Chichester but am very familiar with the area and as our MOT was due I wanted to find a reliable, friendly and trustworthy garage. Coming from a family of mechanics I always worry when it comes to finding someone new to deal with my car as family are now far away. I dealt with Tim who was friendly, honest and kept me updated as to what was happening with my car after it failed its MOT. The garage fixed it at a fast turnaround and did the work at a reasonable cost. Extra bonuses were the use of a courtesy car (£10 fee)which was an absolute Godsend due to having my 4 children at 2 different schools and different pick up times.The waiting room was also well equipped with free drinks and computer for you to use whilst waiting. Highly recommended! Facebook Review: 5 Stars.
    Liz Thomas | February 2018 | 2018-02-15
  • These guys offer an exceptional service. Friendly, extremely professional +pragmatic. That's why I'm booking my other daughter's car in for an MOT + service next! A big thank you. - Facebook Review: 5 stars.
    John Whiteley | February 2018 | 2018-02-15
  • Dream team at BMS sorted our daughter’s C1 out .... a big thank you! -Facebook Review: 5 stars.
    Rebecca Kirby | February 2018 | 2018-02-15
  • Tim and all the team have been extremely efficient, helpful and trustworthy and I can always rely on their advice and high quality of service. Highly recommend this company. - Google Review: 5 stars.
    Tom Bainbridge | February 2018 | 2018-02-15
  • Very good and fast service. - Google Review: 5 stars.
    Chopper | January 2018 | 2018-02-15
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